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High School Lacrosse Schedule
We are almost done scheduling the high school spring lacrosse season....
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High School Lacrosse Schedule

We are almost done scheduling the high school spring lacrosse season. We have just a few more games to schedule but I just wanted to get it out there before we begin the fall recruiting effort at the high schools.  Look for upcoming information regarding drop-ins and callouts. The scheduling goal is one game per weekday for each school and one on Saturday except for Saturdays that we travel to an opponent.  There will be a couple free weekends.  Columbus North will be playing on one Sunday. 

Date Day Time Home Team Visiting Team Location
14-Mar Saturday        
16-Mar Monday spring break starts    
22-Mar Sunday Spring break ends    
Week 1          
24-Mar Tuesday   North Central CEHS North Central
25-Mar Wednesday   CNHS Bloomington  North  
27-Mar Friday        
28-Mar Saturday   CNHS Northridge CNHS
28-Mar Saturday   CEHS Northridge CNHS
28-Mar Saturday   CJV Northridge JV CNHS
Week 2          
31-Mar Tuesday   CEHS Bloomington North PAAL
1-Apr Wednesday        
3-Apr Friday No Game due to travel to Evansville  
4-Apr Saturday 12:00 Mater Dei CEHS Evansville
4-Apr Saturday 2:15 South Gibson CNHS Evansville
4-Apr Saturday 4:30 South Gibson CEHS Evansville
4-Apr Saturday 6:45 Mater Dei CNHS Evansville
Week 3          
7-Apr Tuesday   Plainfield CEHS Plainfield
7-Apr Tuesday   CNHS Bloomington South PAAL
8-Apr Wednesday        
10-Apr Friday Good Friday    
11-Apr Saturday   CNHS Brownsburg JV PAAL
11-Apr Saturday   CEHS Brownsburg JV PAAL
12-Apr Sunday Easter      
Week 4          
14-Apr Tuesday   CEHS Whiteland  
15-Apr Wednesday   Bloomington South CNHS Bloomignton
17-Apr Friday        
18-Apr Saturday   CNHS North Central PAAL
18-Apr Saturday   CEHS Leo PAAL
19-Apr Sunday   CNHS Leo PAAL
Week 5          
21-Apr Tuesday   CEHS Plainfield PAAL
22-Apr Wednesday   CNHS Southport  
24-Apr Friday        
25-Apr Saturday        
25-Apr Saturday        
Week 6          
28-Apr Tuesday        
29-Apr Wednesday   CEHS Perry Meridian PAAL
29-Apr Wednesday   Whiteland CNHS Whiteland
1-May Friday        
2-May Saturday Prom Perry Meridian CJV Perry
Week 7          
5-May Tuesday        
6-May Wednesday   CEHS Bloomington South PAAL
6-May Wednesday   Perry Meridian CNHS Perry
8-May Friday   CEHS CNHS CEHS
9-May Saturday        
9-May Saturday        
Week 8          
12-May Tuesday        
13-May Wednesday   Bloomington North CNHS Bloomington
15-May Friday        
16-May Saturday        
16-May Saturday        
Week 9          
19-May Tuesday   CNHS Roncalli PAAL
20-May Wednesday        
21-May Thursday   Roncalli CEHS Roncalli
22-May Friday        
23-May Saturday        

by posted 09/10/2019

If you would like to be added to our email list for the upcomign season, please fill out the CONTACT LIST FORM.

by posted 11/27/2018
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